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Where is Bangkok and its History?

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Where is Bangkok?

Bangkok is full of hustle and bustle and is considered the most populous city in Thailand. The local Thai people don’t usually refer to this city as Bangkok and most locals in the suburbs of Bangkok are not even aware of such a name. Foreigners mostly know this city as Bangkok and refer it by this name, but the Thais call this city as Krung Thep, which means City of Angels. The translation for Bangkok is village of wild plums and is the original location decided for creating the capital city. This site was located to the west of Chao Phraya River the modern day Thonburi. Around 23% people live in and around this city making it the most crowded and populous city in Thailand as compared to other cities, which also signifies the importance of Bangkok as a prime city in Thailand.

Where is Bangkok Located and the history of Bangkok?

The history of this city dates back to the early part of the fifteenth century. This crowded city of today was a village on the western bank of Chao Phraya River. This village was ruled by Ayutthaya and lied strategically just near the mouth of the river, which helped the village gain importance. Initially this place served as a customs outpost from where the French were expelled. After the fall of the Ayutthaya, in 1782 King Rama l decided to shift base to a more defensible site. He moved across the river and found the new capital city Krung Thep. The economy of Bangkok gradually developed as it spread its trade internationally first with countries like China and then with other western merchants by the nineteenth century. The country abolished monarchy in 1932, and since then Bangkok has gone through struggles between the political class and the military. In the recent times Bangkok has grown at a very fast rate spreading on both the sides of the Chao Phraya River. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand has emerged as one of the most sought after tourist destinations and millions of tourists visit this place every year and help contribute to the growing economy of this island nation.

Geography of Bangkok

Thailand lies in the middle of Southeast Asia and is surrounded by Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. It has a total coastline of 3,219 kilometers. Bangkok is the chief port of Thailand. It is a very cosmopolitan city in Thailand, which has many villages and small towns. It plays the role of Thailand’s commercial and cultural hub. Located on the delta of Chao Phraya River, which is located about 25 miles from the gulf of Thailand. Initially, it was divided into two townships Krung Thep on the eastern side of the river and Thon Buri on the west. These two townships were connected by several bridges. In the year 1971, these two towns were united and came under one single municipality. In 1972, this city and the neighboring provinces were merged into one big province and named Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or Bangkok metropolis. Now this city is full of life, crowded with tourists, manufacturing units, shops, malls, temples, and has some excellent roads and canals running through it. Tourism is the most flourishing business that offers a combination of great nightlife and various cultural attractions.

Attractions in Bangkok

The Grand Palace, which is no longer the royal residence, is an amalgamation of shining buildings, mythical figures, golden spires, and the most admired Emerald Buddha. Bangkok is the home of an extensive National Museum supposed to be the largest in South East Asia. This place is a knowledge house of Asian, Thai history, art, culture and a visit to this place will always be rewarding. For shopaholics a visit to the Chinatown is a must. It contains busy and narrow streets full of shops selling everything from traditional Chinese medicines to gold, and fabrics. Wat Arun is a tall Khmer style prang located on the banks of Chao Phraya River. This is an ideal place to see the beautiful sun setting. Wat Pho is famous for the Bangkok’s huge reclining Buddha and is a huge temple complex in Bangkok. The residential district of Bangkok is Thonburi and this place is full of canals and tours around these canals are very popular among tourists.

Bangkok the capital of Thailand is an impressively beautiful city with various options for every individual with different tastes and liking. Talking about food, the Thai food is one of the most-loved foods that are very popular among food lovers around the world. Since we all know where is Bangkok and its beauty one can without any second thoughts include a visit to this island city in near future.

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Condo Vs Apartment: The difference between both of them

Condo Vs Apartment

Many people are not aware of the difference between a condo and an apartment. Often, people call a condo an apartment and a large number of potential property buyers are confused and are not aware of the differences between the two types of homes. So it is natural for property buyers to ask questions about them. Condo Vs apartment, what is the difference between the two types of homes. As you read on you will have a clear understanding about these two forms of homes in Bangkok. Once the confusion about these two terms is cleared it will become much easier for potential buyers to go ahead and rent or book one of these for themselves as an investment opportunity. Both these terms are used very often by people and have often confused potential buyers.

Condo Vs Apartment the difference

Both condominium and apartment look similar, but the feature that makes them different is the way law treats them. The size, architecture, aesthetics, location are all similar in both these types of homes and developers also do not build them as if they are creating a particular type of home.

What law says about Condo?

A condominium is a unit in a high-rise complex where the owners of the units have complete right over their units. The condo owners also have an equivalent share in the common areas of the complex. The condo owners also have a share in the facilities provided in the condo complex, which includes the elevators, fitness centre, swimming pool, sauna, spa and many other such amenities in the complex. Since the owner of a condo has full ownership of his unit in a condominium setup he can do any changes within his unit as and when required. A condo owner has to contribute towards the maintenance expenses of the area. In a condominium setup a group of condo owners will form a home owners association and will be the sole in charge of enforcing the building rules and regulations. They are also in charge of collecting the maintenance fees annually. The owners in the condominium can participate in member meetings and contribute towards the betterment of the condominium. Valuable inputs regarding improving the maintenance, repairs, garbage collection and matters that are affecting the members of the complex can be given by the owners in member meetings. Participation of condo owners is encouraged in a condominium setup. Basically the person who owns the unit has some share in the building because nobody owns the whole building. Condominium according to the Latin word means together ownership, which sums up the whole purpose of a condo.

Condo owners can put their unit on rent provided they are not subject to any particular clause mentioned in the condominium rules that are enforced in the complex. The laws in Thailand allow ownership of 49 percent condos in a complex for foreigners. This is one of the prime reasons why you will find large number of foreigners flocking to the developer’s office to book a condo on the launch date itself. Condominiums are often brought by investors to gain from the growing real estate market. They invest in condos to gain some income from their investment. Thirty percent of the condominiums in Bangkok are set for rent while many others are bought by the owner as an investment or to increase their equity and also use the units for them.

What does an Apartment mean?

Apartments are like hotels as they are generally owned by an individual or a holding company who rents out each individual unit to different people for a different time. It is a block of individual units or apartments that are owned by a family, individual or a company. Apartment on the other hand is a unit like a condo in a high rise building that is rented on a monthly rate or owned for a fixed time. The apartment structure doesn’t have a home owners association and all the amenities that are usually found in a condominium. This also means there is no common ownership in an apartment setup. Apartments are good for those people who want to reside in the city for a short time period or are on a visit on a short time. High end apartments are usually given on rent for a minimum of six months and are a preferred choice of expatriates in Bangkok.

People like staying in both these forms of houses because of the safety feature. Prices of both these types of homes are similar and there is no great difference between the two. The price of a condo or rent in an apartment depends on the location, style, interior design, amenities, age of the building, furniture, size of the unit and the bedroom numbers. For foreigners the Thai law permits the buying of a condo outright, which makes it their preferred choice of investment. The utility bills in a condo come to you and you pay according to the usage while in an apartment there is a minimum charge and surcharge for water and electricity. For a condo there is a maintenance fee for building maintenance, which has to be paid other than the rent. On the other hand, maintenance and service charges are added in the rent in an apartment and you don’t have to pay separately. Apartments have an in-house maintenance team that will look after all the repairs or any service within your apartment. The same goes for a condo, but the quality of service and the maintenance person in this setup will depend on the efficiency of the condo owners and their association. A good efficient guy can get your repairs done in a day.

Most of us have heard the terms condominium and apartments and must have thought both of them to be same. Actually even many property sellers in Bangkok will not differentiate between both. Only when you ask if there is a home owners association in the building and you are interested in knowing, only then you will know whether it is a condominium or an apartment.

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Renting Out your Property

Bangkok is a growing metropolis with good employment opportunities. As every city develops there are increased job opportunities, which require more and more people to join the current labor force in the country. Increase in job opportunity and economy overall has a direct impact on the real estate sector of the country. With more and more people coming to the city for employment there is always pressure on the existing real estate scenario in the city.

Bangkok is one such city, which is undergoing this huge change due to increasing number of expat population coming to the city for employment and for living a peaceful content life. Expats coming to Bangkok prefer renting a condo for a long-term and if you own a property in Bangkok, then renting out your property is not very difficult if you follow certain tips that will help you get good returns from your investment. Renting out your property will help in getting some extra income in the form of rents, but to achieve good returns from your rental property it is necessary to plan better before you put your property in the rental market for good returns. The following are some tips you need to follow to protect yourself and your property.

Prepare your rental property

Prospective tenants are very choosy and will always want a property that is clean. When the overall economy is slow and there is a huge supply of rental homes in the market the tenants tend to be very careful before choosing a property and their expectations are also very high from the property. Keeping these factors in mind the landlord needs to keep his home clean and all the furnishings and appliances in good working condition. A presentable house will instantly appeal the visitors and create a lasting impression in their minds.

Set a Realistic Price

Rental price is very sensitive and depends a lot on the economic situation, amenities, and going price in the locality. Rental price should be set according to the going rates in the locality. The rate should not be too high or too low. Calculate the average rental price in the area and the rent for similar type of condominium in the same locality to arrive at a cost. If your house has some additional features that are not found in the similar condo in the same locality you can charge an extra amount. Remember that tenants are intelligent and will look out for many other condos with similar features hence you need to highlight all the special features that will be available at your home and that stands out from other homes in the locality before arriving at a cost. Most new condominiums are not furnished and are already for rent in the market, but if your condo is fully furnished at the time you have an advantage of good rental income due to short supply of furnished condos.